Self-established industrial areas have been “improved” and turned into organized industrial zones with the permission of local administrations in our country with a view to increasing the competitive power, improving environmental conditions and creating suitable areas for new industrial investments in the globalized world economy. Hence, the already available industrial organization was provided with a certain infrastructure. In that respect, a number of legal regulations were introduced for establishment of improvement OIZ’s by means of the provisional article incorporated into OIZ Law no. 4562 as well as provisional article 5 incorporated by means of article 18 of OIZ Implementation Regulation as amended through the Official Gazette issued on 04.08.2011 under issue number 28015. Based on the relevant developments, Yalova Acrylic Based Composite, Advanced Materials and Technology Producers’ Association and industrial enterprises located in the locality of Taşköprü, district of Çiftlikköy, province of Yalova filed an application to Yalova Governorate in order to ensure establishment of Improvement OIZ in a manner that shall cover the existing industrial organization. After a thorough review, the application was submitted to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology through the unanimous decision rendered in April 2013. The Ministry ratified the incorporation protocol of Yalova Composite and Chemcial Specialized Improvement OIZ in June 2015 according to which it was entered into the registration book with registry number 308. Organized industrial zones conducts activities to ensure organization of industry in suitable areas, prevent unplanned urbanization and environmental problems, offer guidance on urbanization, use resources rationally, benefit from IT technologies, position and improve different industries based on a specific plan. In that regard, the zones are created in line with a suitable plan with a view to creating the necessary administrative, social and technical infrastructure areas, training and health areas and technology development areas within the applicable boundaries based on the ratios available in the certified zoning plans. OIZ’s could be defined as commodity and service production zones operated in line with the provisions of applicable laws. Intending to create the infrastructure of Composite Valley project, YALKIM OIZ shall provide the companies with significant advantages in terms of both competition and management. Our fundamental strategy shall be to attract new investments for high tech products with high added value and competitive power to YALKIM OIZ in the upcoming period.

YALKİM OIZ focuses on infrastructure works that can fulfill all responsibilities given to OIZs.

In 2018, we were awarded with TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certificate with the Quality Management System infrastructure we established at our Regional Directorate.

We will continue to carry out our activities in line with our vision and mission in all the services we offer to our participating companies as we have done so far.

Sincerely yours,